How To Prepare Your Car For Towing After An Accident

Whether you have been in a major accident or fallen victim to a simple roadside breakdown, we know that this is a stressful and challenging time. The first thing that you need to do is ensure everyone is unharmed or getting the medical treatment they require.

Having your vehicle removed from the accident site is imperative because it can be a hazard to other motorists, but there are some things to remember that could save you thousands in these incidents. This guide will help you prepare for the worst so that you will know what to do if you are ever in an accident or breakdown situation.

First Is Not Always the Best

There are certain towing companies that will monitor police scanners and mobilise trucks to crash sites in order to pick up the job. You do not legally have to choose them just because they arrived first. They may charge exorbitant rates, after-hours call-out fees and their services may not be covered by your insurer – especially if they are not a licenced towing service.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Most insurance policies have an emergency towing inclusion, but the terms will often vary. It is vital that you understand completely what is included and what is not. Understand which towing companies are included in your policy, where you can have your vehicle towed to (a garage or your own home) and what additional fees you may incur.

Research Reputable Towing Services Ahead of Time

Don’t wait for an accident or breakdown to start assessing towing companies, it will be the last thing you want to do. Unfortunately, there are certain companies that hide enormous fees in the fine print and it is those few that give the majority a bad name.

Check the background of local towing companies through Google and social media reviews, examine the fine print and find a couple of services that you know you can rely on. Ensure your insurance will cover their services. Have their numbers safely stored in your car and in your phone. That way, when the time comes you will be prepared.

Clear Your Valuable Possessions Out of the Vehicle

Before the vehicle is towed, make sure your purse/wallet, keys, money and any identifying documentation are removed as a precaution. 

Wind Up the Windows

Here in Queensland, we have some fantastic storms and long periods of rain that can occur at any time of year. If your car is going to sit in a yard for a few days, you don’t want it to become inundated with water that compounds the problem.

Ensure the Vehicle Can Be Moved Easily

Put the vehicle in neutral and leave it unlocked. It is much harder for the vehicle to be towed and moved if the wheels have been locked.

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